Ewan McGregor

There are 2 period dramas starring Ewan McGregor in our database. They are listed below in descending order of release date.

Miss Potter (2006 Movie)

User rating:
3.65 / 5 (from 19 ratings)

Date set: 19021913

Directed by: Chris Noonan

Writer(s): Richard Maltby Jr.

Cast: Renée Zellweger, Ewan McGregor, Emily Watson, Barbara Flynn, Bill Paterson

Nora (2000 Movie)

User rating:
3.06 / 5 (from 1 rating)

Date set: 1904

Directed by: Pat Murphy

Writer(s): Brenda Maddox (biography), Pat Murphy, Gerard Stembridge

Cast: Susan Lynch, Andrew Scott, Vinnie McCabe, Veronica Duffy, Ewan McGregor

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